Our Food Our Health Our Culture

Students participate in a jigging lesson


Food Matters Manitoba’s Our Food Our Health Our Culture project is creating healthier environments where traditional and healthy foods are valued and accessible. The project focuses on reclaiming traditional, healthy foods – connecting cultural foods as an important part of a healthy, modern diet. There are three sites for the Our Food Our Health Our Culture project; Winnipeg’s North End, Fox Lake Cree Nation, and La Ronge, Saskatchewan. For more information on programming and resources for each site click on the icons below.

“Traditional foods are important to any culture; they are the glue that holds it all together, enabling customs and heritage to be relayed to the children for generations. When a family sits down to eat a meal together, they share stories and keep up with each others lives. When families eat foods that are traditionally significant it is not only beneficial culturally, but often nutritionally as well.”  Tina Shaw, Churchill Community High School.

The goal of the Our Food Our Health Our Culture program is healthier weights across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Check out how our program is working to reduce health risks.

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Quick Facts

  • Our Food Our Health Our culture runs more than 10 programs in four communities where healthy food can be hard to access. These programs include cooking workshops, traditional food learning opportunities, school gardens, a traditional snack program, good food boxes, retailer partnerships, a Community Tables nutrition training program, and a community freezer.
  • Project duration: January 2013 – December 2017
  • Our Food Our Health Our Culture is funded by Public Health Agency of Canada and coordinated by Food Matters Manitoba.


Turtle Island Cooking Classes

Ralph Brown Cooking Classes

Gardening Wednesdays