Supporting new Canadians

Community garden build May-15


A simple garden plot allows newcomer families to establish roots in their new home. A chance to grow familiar vegetables and save money on their monthly grocery bill.

Gardening space across Winnipeg provide a chance to get outside, be active and spend time as a family. Children come by after school and take time to learn from their parents and grandparents.

Over 250 refugee families from around the world come together in garden spaces across Winnipeg to build community practice their English and grow healthy food.

Cooking Classes

Like all parents, new Canadians want to prepare healthy, tasty meals for their families. Newcomer cooking classes provide parents with the knowledge and skills to blend their traditional food knowledge with healthy Canadian ingredients.

And youth want to cook too! Cooking Classes in Winnipeg’s North End give kids a chance to share their favourite family recipes with new friends. Gaining the confidence that comes from sharing, youth take pride in their cultural foods and learn new cooking skills to help them make healthy choices for life.

Nutrition Education

Navigating grocery store aisles can be overwhelming. Now imagine everything is in a different language. Newcomer nutrition classes with sessions on topics like reading food labels and a grocery store tour provide new Canadians with the knowledge they need to make healthy food choices for their families.

Newcomer Network

The Newcomer Food and Nutrition Network is space facilitated by Food Matters Manitoba to share resources and collectively advocate for healthy food for all newcomers in Winnipeg. To join the Newcomer Food and Nutrition Network please send your contact information to Amy Henderson