Manitoba on the Menu

Cooking in the kitchen


We are cooking up change that is going to bring more of Manitoba’s harvest into the kitchens of our workplaces, cafeterias, schools and public places. A lot of money is spent buying food to be served in public places, up to $100 million a year. That’s a lot of food!

Despite our climate, we can actually grow a lot of great, healthy foods right here in Manitoba. And many of them are available all year round – eggs, beef, chicken, pork, milk, cheese, butter, flour, oats, legumes – to name a few.

Manitoba on the Menu is working with local food champions – chefs, cooks, food service managers, culinary arts instructors, home economics teachers, and administrators – to look at the ingredients they are purchasing and ask a few important questions. Are they grown and processed in Manitoba? Have they been grown in a sustainable way? Are there foods that we could be buying from Manitoba that we are currently purchasing from elsewhere?

We are helping these big time food buyers become leaders for local, sustainable food.

Case Studies

Diversity Food Services

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Quick Facts

  • 21 institutions have shown interest in getting more local and sustainable food on their menu
  • We are tracking local and sustainable purchases from 8 institutions
  • One of our largest participating institutions spends over $2.5 million on food every year
  • One institution makes tomato sauce and chutney in order to make use of local tomatoes year-round
  • Cheese, eggs, flour, and locally made breads are the easiest starting points for getting local and sustainable foods into an institution