Food Policy

Food Policy Council

Food Matters Manitoba (FMM) envisions a Manitoba where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people. Our mission is to work with communities across Manitoba to create opportunities for people to be able to eat good food. This includes working towards policy and systems changes that favour food security in Manitoba. While most our work to date has been aimed at providing support to individuals and communities through food-focused programs, we have always recognized the broader systemic underpinnings of food security in Manitoba and have a unique role to play in actualizing positive food policy development and change.

With programs across the province, we are well-connected to communities and individuals whose lived experience provides invaluable insights for developing our policy priorities and overall policy trajectory. Since 2004, we have facilitated numerous public forums and consultations (70 alone to inform the development of the Manitoba Food Charter), conducted four community food assessments, and initiated relationships with governments, non-profit organizations, public institutions, and the private sector, resulting in significant achievement in food policy. Going forward, FMM will continue to work towards policy developments that are grounded in inclusive processes, diverse knowledges, collaboration with stakeholders, and a commitment to correct for inequities created by the colonization, globalization, and corporatization of the food system.