Building Community


Get Fresh with Local Food

A large part of growing the local food movement is building positive relationships between the people growing food with the …

Project: Building Community

Returning Home to Fox Lake

By Tim Stevenson, Northern Programs Liaison with Food Matters Manitoba When I was a kid I remember going to Fox …

Project: Food Skills & Nutrition

Food Security Across the World

By Carolyn Townend, Communications Coordinator We’re excited to be hosting two volunteers from Canada World Youth for the next six …

Project: Building Community
Stacks of Bannock and warmed pitas, ready to be sliced and shared

Breaking Bread at the Community Oven

This past Friday, Food Matters partnered with the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre and Graffiti …

Project: Building Community

Different Postal Code, Similar Challenges: A learning tour of Labrador

When residents of Hopedale, a small community on the northern coast of Labrador, visit the grocery store, they aren’t finding …

Project: Building Community
food hub

Winnipeg Food Hub 101

Farmers are the essential ingredient in a diverse, delicious and healthy, local food economy. Yet many farmers have been forced …

Project: Building Community
Elder gifting our visitors sweet grass at the Peguis Community Garden

Visitors from Labrador

This past week we were lucky enough to have 3 lovely guests from The Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador …

Project: Building Community

Multicultural Potluck

Join us for a Multicultural Potluck! As a part of our weekly North End Cooking Classes, we invite you to …

Project: Building Community

Aboriginal Youth Travel to Winnipeg for Traditional Exchange

Demian Lawrenchuk, the OFHC Site coordinator for Fox Lake, along with two youth, Michael Beardy and Zach Henderson, had the …

Project: Building Community

Main Street Farmers’ Market

The Main Street Farmers’ Market happens every Friday from 12 – 4 p.m. at the Age and Opportunity Centre.

Project: Building Community