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Small Gardens Have Big Impact

Everyone has probably driven past them at some point. The small, single plot community gardens in Winnipeg’s North End, with …

Project: Good Food Stories
Owen and youth

A Queer Youth Cook-Off

On May 22nd, I began a 7-week cooking program with the youth from Y.E.P (Youth Empowerment Program) at the Rainbow …

Project: Good Food Stories

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Summit 2018

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Inc. hosted the 2nd Indigenous Food Sovereignty Summit during the week of the summer solstice. …

Project: Good Food Stories
Owen teaching

Cooking up confidence in the kitchen

On Monday, May 14th eight youth between the ages of 7 & 13 from the Gilbert Park Boys and Girls Club …

Project: Food Skills & Nutrition

Learning to navigate a new food system

Every Monday for the past two months, Food Matters Manitoba has been running its Newcomer Nutrition Program with a group of …

Project: Good Food Stories
Ronnie McKay, Chloe, Kerry & Hannah in the blind

Opportunities for youth to learn and practice traditional skills

“We do this every year at the same time. We teach [youth] about their culture and how life was lived …

Project: Good Food Stories
ADI Community Tables

Collaborating and problem solving at Community Tables

Sitting in groups of three around the Community Tables classroom, the latest group of participants put their heads together to …

Project: Good Food Stories
Lunch Club

5 Reasons we like the Health at Every Size™ approach

Food skills programming is a very natural place for dieting talk and body image concerns to arise. We sought out …

Project: Good Food Stories
Community Tables, Food

Changing perspectives at Community Tables

It is a busy morning in the kitchen of the Stepping Forward program at the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre. …

Project: Good Food Stories
youth, gathering, ice fishing, indigenous, land-based

Bringing youth together to share knowledge

“Never have I ever…HUNTED!” As the word ‘hunted’ leaves one youth’s lips a flurry of commotion livens the room—youth are …

Project: Good Food Stories
Tika feature

Reconnecting: To land and community

It’s been a long, cold winter. Yet, everywhere you look there are clear signs that spring is around the corner. …

Project: Good Food Stories

Travelling with Food Matters Manitoba

Tansi/Hello! I was asked to share my first trip experience with you all in this my first blog with the …

Project: Building Community

Shamattawa Buying Club

In the first week of December, Food Matters Manitoba put on its first food market/buying club in Shamattawa First Nation. …

Project: Building Community
Teaching with Elder Margaret Stephan-Head

Youth & Elder Gathering: Etah-ka-malipayik-kikway “Where something begins”

The Youth & Elder Gathering: Etah-ka-malipayik-kikway was held at Frontier Collegiate during the last weekend of November. The gathering was …

Project: Building Community

Healthy food is just around the corner!

Call it a grand re-opening! For two North End grocers, that’s exactly what this year’s Selkirk Street Festival was. Partners …

Project: Building Community

The Faces Behind the Northern Lifestyles Class

If you ask Teacher Christine Ravenis what makes Churchill Community High School’s Northern Lifestyles class a success, her answer is …

Project: Building Community
stefan quote

Winnipeg Food Deserts

A food desert is a geographic area where affordable and nutritious food is difficult to obtain, particularly for those without …

Project: Building Community
Newcomer cooking-044

World Food Day

Recognizing the Power of Good Food on World Food Day Let’s take today, World Food Day, to reflect on the …

Project: Building Community
Biking to the Market Photo

Biking to the Market

This Bike to Work week I had the opportunity to join the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market‘s Biking to the Market …

Project: Building Community

Newcomer Farm Tour

At the end of May, an eager group of Newcomers and their families had the opportunity to tour and interact …

Project: Building Community