Signatories and what they are doing

Health for All, Food for All

wrhaAs one of the largest Winnipeg health institutions, the WRHA and their Board of Directors has publicly recognized the importance of food security as a way to think more holistically about health. This is a crucial step forward.

As part of their recognition of the issues and the work being done to address the challenges, WRHA has expressed their commitment to support collaborative efforts to promote food security in the recent Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Position Statement on Food Security. The position statement came out of the work of the WRHA’s Food Security Working Group, a collection of staff that have taken it upon themselves to expand their reach and their job descriptions, to address food security.

They have also signed onto the Manitoba Food Charter and outlined their own action steps to address food security. Moving forward with this initiative, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says its top priorities are to continue its work to support food security like its Health for All Through Food Security working group and to strengthen partnerships to further contribute to food security in Winnipeg by providing support and recognizing the good work of others working in this area.

On October 16, 2014, Dr. Catherine Cook, Vice-President of Population and Aboriginal Health, attended Food Matters Manitoba’s Golden Carrot Awards on October 16, 2014, to celebrate the official signing of the Manitoba Food Charter by the WRHA. A framed copy of the signed Food Charter is on display at the 4th floor reception area at 650 Main St.

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