Our Mission, Vision, and Goals


 What We Do

Food Matters Manitoba partners with communities to make food more available and affordable. Through local greenhouses and gardens and teaching kids and families how to prepare healthy meals at community cooking classes, we believe that together we can make Manitoba a healthier and happier place.

Our Mission

We work with communities across Manitoba to create opportunities for people to be able to eat good food.

Our Vision

We envision a Manitoba where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people.

We Value

  • Healthy communities
  • Access to nutritious food for all
  • An economically viable, diverse, and ecologically sustainable food system

Our Goals

  • To educate Manitobans about food security and the sustainability of food systems in Manitoba
  • To provide a common focus for action for food system stakeholders through the Manitoba Food Charter
  • To raise public awareness about food and food systems
  • To strengthen networks and partnerships to work together to address local food security issues
  • To strengthen the capacity of our organization and to advance food security work across Manitoba.

Financial Accountability

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