Our Mission and Vision


What We Do

Food Matters Manitoba partners with communities to make food more available and affordable. Through local greenhouses and gardens and teaching kids and families how to prepare healthy meals at community cooking classes, we believe that together we can make Manitoba a healthier and happier place.

Our Mission

We work with communities across Manitoba to create opportunities for people to be able to eat good food.

Our Vision

We envision a Manitoba where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people.

Our Values

We Are Community Driven

We believe that successful initiatives must have the active participation and ownership of people most affected by the issue, and build on their shared knowledge, skills and capacity.

We Are Innovators

We are unafraid to take risks in order to develop creative programs that respond to community needs.

We Are Systems Thinkers

We understand and approach food issues as part of a complex and interconnected system of people, practices and processes within multiple scales.

We Are Collaborators

We work together with many communities, partners and stakeholders to elevate our collective impact.

We Are Respectful

We recognize and celebrate the inherent worth, dignity, history, diversity, relationship to the land, capacity and ways of knowing of all people and life.

We strive to be compassionate, provide the highest quality supports, learn from each other’s mistakes and trust people to rise above challenges before them.

We Are Accountable

We take responsibility for our intent and actions. We are open, honest, clear and timely with each other, our partners and stakeholders.

Financial Accountability

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