What’s your recipe for a better food system? Manitoba discussions on a national food policy

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Project: Food Policy

In late May, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced the launch of a national food policy consultation process. A national food policy would take a Canada wide, collaborative approach to food issues. This is the first time a food policy has been considered at the national level. As stated on the government webpage dedicated to information about the ongoing national food policy process: ‘a food policy is a way to address issues related to the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food’. A national food policy is an exciting idea, one that has the potential to change some of the big food problems in Canada. The first consultation step announced during the May launch was the opening of an online survey, open to all Canadians and available here until the end of August. In June, Loraine Nyokong (Executive Director Food Matters Manitoba) and Rob Moquin (Food Policy Manager, Food Matters Manitoba), travelled to Ottawa to take part in a two day summit where they and over 300 other attendees took part in discussions about what should be included in a food policy for Canada. Since June the federal government has conducted consultations with other stakeholders, and recently announced it will be holding regional consultations in select cities.

In addition to an AAFC regional consultation that will be held in Winnipeg,  Food Matters Manitoba is hosting two “What’s your recipe for a better food system?” engagement sessions in Manitoba: one in Winnipeg in partnership Winnipeg Harvest, and one in Wabowden as part of the annual Grow North conference. These sessions, supported by national partner Food Secure Canada, aim to gather people and organizations that have innovative ideas, insights into problems, and unique perspectives together to talk about what should be included in a national food policy. The conversations during these two events will be recorded, made into a report, and sent to our national partner Food Secure Canada, who will send the reports on to the department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. “What’s your recipe for a better food system?” national food policy discussions are to be held by Food Secure Canada members across Canada. We want you to join us to talk about how a national food policy can tackle big food problems, see below for details and event registration.

What’s your recipe for a better food system? Winnipeg session

September 7, 2017
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
1085 Winnipeg Avenue
RSVP & event details here!
Questions? rob@foodmattersmanitoba.ca

What’s your recipe for a better food system? Wabowden session

August 29th, 2017
12:oo pm-2:00 pm
for more information about this session and the Grow North conference contact amanda@foodmattersmanitoba.ca


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