Members appointed to Winnipeg’s first ever food council

Project: Food Policy

On Wednesday, June 21st, Winnipeg City Council appointed ten members to the Winnipeg Food Council. The new council members will join Mayor Brian Bowman and one representative from Winnipeg City Council to form the city’s first ever food council.  A food council in Winnipeg is a step towards a city where everyone can get the good food they need. We are happy to congratulate the first ten members of the council:

Lavonne Harms, representative nominated by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Jasmine Tara, citizen-at-large member

Joyce Slater, representative from the research sector

Rob Moquin, representative from a community group or network

Phaedra Miller, representative nominated by the Province of Manitoba

Andi Sharma, citizen-at-large member

Mandela Madit Kuet, citizen-at-large member

James Battershill, representative involved with food production

Bruce Berry, representative involved with food production

Kelly Janz, representative involved with food business

Thank you to everyone who supported getting the Winnipeg Food Council motion passed at City Hall on February 22nd. After 9 years of community work to get here, we are looking forward to our innovative new Food Council tackling issues related to food in our city.


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