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Let’s grow together!  We need help keeping five gardens in Winnipeg’s North End, and the Rainbow Community Garden, green. Help us reach our goal of raising $2500!

“before newcomers arrive here they are euphoric…when you hear you are going to Canada, it seems like a paradise and you will get everything you want.  When you get here, the first three months, six months, with the small money the government is providing, it is a honeymoon.  However, after six months reality sets in.  The person cannot get a job.  Parents don’t know where to take their kids.  They stay inside.  That is where the stress begins.  When they get here (to the garden), some of them spend eight hours or ten hours here.  Even if we don’t consider the crops they get, the exercise is there.” – Raymond Ngarboui, newcomer, community leader, and garden organizer

Your donation will help newcomer families grow healthy, fresh, food, and provide a space to build community. Donate now to help keep these gardens green.

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You can help newcomer families grow their own food, build community, and improve their overall health. We need your help to keep community gardens growing. At the Rainbow Community Garden we help give newcomer families the chance to plant, weed, water, and grow small crops of produce. Many families use their garden to grow nutritious traditional food they can’t find in Winnipeg stores. Fresh mustard leaf is a particular favourite of many gardeners. Gardeners have told us they save between $50 and $150 a month by growing their own food. Many of these gardeners, new to the city, have little or no community connections and nowhere to turn for support. The garden is a place where children play, offers a space to people meet, friendships are formed, and feasts and parties take place.



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Did you know that this summer we are helping gardeners at five gardens in Winnipeg’s North End? Your donation will hep us kick start our support of these gardens. Residents of Winnipeg’s North End use these gardens to grow tomatoes and other produce. One of the five gardens is a butterfly garden, with indigenous wildflowers. Local daycare centres tend beds where children learn how to grow food and then learn to prepare the food they have grown.

Your donation will help people in Winnipeg’s North End grow fresh food!

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every $100+ donation until July 30th (extended from July 1st) will receive a gift of a Food Matters Manitoba apron, wearing this apron, is a way to start a conversation with your dinner guests and gives you a chance to help us even more by telling them all about Food Matters Manitoba.


Other ways to help!

In kind donations are needed to keep gardeners going this summer, some of the things needed include:

  • Vegetable seedlings
  • Shovels
  • Trowels
  • Hoes
  • Large soil and compost donations

please contact info@foodmattersmanitoba.ca or call (204) 943-0822 to make an in kind donation



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