First ever Community Tables in Northern MB serves up learning and laughs

Project: Good Food Stories

The first ever Northern Manitoba Community Tables training session was held May 24th to 26th. Participants from northern communities gathered in Thompson to learn new skills and gain knowledge about running a healthy meal or snack program.

Many of the people that joined the session had experience working in community programs. They connected over common experiences and by the end of the three days joyful bursts of laughter were common. Nicole, the Community Tables Coordinator, says “you can see the connections between the people, they are interacting and finding out what everyone is doing in their communities, enjoying the opportunity to get advice and learn.”

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Reviews from the session were positive. On the second day of training one participant, Jesse, said she “went shopping last night and was checking all the labels,” something,  she told Nicole, she had never done before. Jesse went on to say that she had “learned more about diabetes and would do the whole day over again.”

Participants reported that they learned new knowledge and are excited to take it home and share it. One participant is eager to share what she had learned about sugar and plans to create a sugar display at the Boys and Girls Club centre where she works.

The response to the training session was overwhelmingly positive, especially about the times where people were in the kitchen learning hands on. Participants did leave us with one piece of advice; include more wild meat in the cooking component- so stay tuned for some new Community Tables recipes in the future!

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