Starting Seeds Starting Indoors – A new skill for even the most experienced gardeners!

Seed Starting1
Project: Growing & Producing

Imagine trying to grow food in Canada when you are used to hot weather, year-long growing seasons and ground that isn’t packed with clay! This is what it’s like for many newcomer farmers and gardeners who move to Canada, not to mention the difficulties many of us experience in finding land to grow on and managing those pesky potato beetles. Needless to say, gardening in Canada can be a challenge.

Last Spring, we teamed up with Dave from Sage Garden and nearly 100 new Canadians from Rainbow Community Gardens to make sure people had the knowledge (and supplies) to grow strong healthy seedlings that would eventually turn into delicious vegetables.

Dave taught us about when to plant, how to do it and the best ways to transition your plants to the outdoors once the weather warms up! Check out these videos to learn how!

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