City Council approves the formation of a Winnipeg Food Council!

Project: Food Policy

Food Matters Manitoba would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who was involved getting the Winnipeg Food Council motion passed at City Hall on February 22nd. Together we have taken a major step towards intentional and informed municipal food policy and a more equitable and sustainable food system in Winnipeg. We are so thankful to everyone who participated in stakeholder consultations, took the time to send a postcard or email to their councillor, or formally addressed council with letters of support.

Many thanks  to the Canadian Diabetes Association (Manitoba), Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and Canadian Community Economic Development Network (Manitoba) for their expert presentations to Mayor Bowman’s Executive Policy Committee.

Our gratitude goes out to Mayor and  Council. You have shown a commitment to informed and equitable food policy, as well as a commitment to multi-sector and inclusive approaches to policy development

We would also like to acknowledge to the Planning, Property, and Development Department of the City of Winnipeg who did a truly extraordinary job at consulting multi-sector stakeholders and the public, conducting comprehensive research and reporting, and setting the tone for well-designed and inclusive approaches to food policy development in Winnipeg.

Food policy councils embedded in municipal governance structures are the most effective way to achieve positive and lasting food policy developments. Nearly nine years after the first Food Matters Manitoba discussion of a potential Winnipeg food council, we have finally arrived. As a city, we should be proud of the step we have taken and look forward to policy developments that aim to sustain the health and prosperity of people in Winnipeg, and the land and people that feed them.

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