Tips for Using Common Food Bank Finds

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By: Tressa Alexiuk

Stretching food budgets and using foods donated from food banks comes second nature to many responsible for feeding children and adults in community organizations. But even the best of us can use a creative refresher once in a while. That’s exactly how we spend one session of our Community Tables program at Food Matters Manitoba where community staff or volunteers brainstorm how to use the foods they most commonly receive at their organizations.

Community organizations aren’t the only ones who need to stretch food budgets or rely on food donations to feed themselves and their families. In Manitoba, 64,000 people receive emergency food from Winnipeg Harvest every month. Emergency food is a quick fix for hunger and larger systemic solutions are needed to tackle this problem. In the meantime, families who do rely on food donations may be looking for healthy ways to use what they have in their kitchens.

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