Youth & Elder Gathering: Etah-ka-malipayik-kikway “Where something begins”

Teaching with Elder Margaret Stephan-Head
Project: Building Community
Cooking Bison Tacos

Cooking bison tacos

The Youth & Elder Gathering: Etah-ka-malipayik-kikway was held at Frontier Collegiate during the last weekend of November. The gathering was a way to bring together youth, elders and knowledge keepers to develop connections, hear inspiring stories and gain a greater sense of cultural identity though traditional food practices. There are over 150 students on campus that come to the collegiate from across northern Manitoba. We partnered with the Elders’ Committee at the Collegiate to bring in elders and knowledge keepers from the area to come and share teachings relating to food and Indigenous cultural identity.

Activities that were taking place were familiar to many students. Throughout the weekend you could hear students sharing memories, from back home of when they were harvesting on the land with family members. These stories reminded them about the strength of their traditions.  Many students said they were proud of where they came from. It was an empowering to have a special space to share, learn and take part in their traditions.

Event was closed by Boys and Girls Drum groups

The event was closed by boys and girls drum groups

From talking about food justice, to cooking bison tacos, listening to elder Margaret Steppan-Head talk about loving ourselves, filleting fish with Hank Chevillard by the fire, Medicine Wheel teaching from Cindy O’Nabigon and cooking traditional recipes together. Youth had a chance to learn more about our traditional food practices, enjoy the sounds of traditional Metis music and watch the quick steps of traditional pow wow dancers.

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