Travelling with Food Matters Manitoba

Project: Building Community


Cherie (left) and Nicole (right) make bison tacos with grade 3 students from Jack River School

I was asked to share my first trip experience with you all in this my first blog with the Food Matters Manitoba community. First of all, I would like to say many thanks to the great team work within the organization in the northern communities. My first experience as part of the team has been nothing but great positive comments and feedback from community. It is apparent that a great foundation has been established and this was the most notable and constant flow of good tones throughout the trip. We travelled to Cross Lake on Monday January 23rd and visited the Otter Nelson River School Cultural Awareness Classroom with Kerry Muswagon we took part in the bannock fry and learned about “so-si-mans” snow snakes which is a local winter sport which has competitors compete with the farthest throw of an ice covered stick on the frozen lake. On Wednesday morning we were invited to go ice fishing with Wendy and Jeff McKay, I caught all the fish (2 jackfish and 3 pickerel). Wendy called my lucky hole the “honey hole” which was pretty awesome name I thought. I kept the pickerel and filleted that evening, froze and brought back to the city. I must also thank our host Donna Hoeppner for sending me with home with homemade jars of beets, pickles and zucchini salsa! Thank you for again Cross Lake for the wonderful hospitality.

Patti Eilers of Manitoba Agriculture engages a group of young men and women at the Family Enhancement Program in Norway House

On Thursday January 26th we travelled to Norway House. The drive is just over an hour, and was it very beautiful! That afternoon we hosted a canning workshop to what was originally supposed to be 12 participants ended up being 38 young men and women from the Family Enhancement Program; it was great to see all the young parents take an interest in canning. Everyone enjoyed Patti Eilers of Manitoba Agriculture who is an excellent facilitator and kept the group engaged and entertained. On the last day we visited the Jack River School where we made bison Indian tacos with the Grade 3’s. The kids were so sweet and enjoyed preparing food and also they loved the taco’s they helped make. Overall, it was an excellent experience and it was great to meet all the new people and northern Manitobans who are always so warm, friendly and hospitable. Thanks again to everyone in Cross Lake and Norway House I can’t wait to visit again!

Cherie Burns, Community Food Facilitator

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