Shamattawa Buying Club

Project: Building Community

Pasta Salad made from food purchased through the Shamattawa Buying Club

In the first week of December, Food Matters Manitoba put on its first food market/buying club in Shamattawa First Nation. The produce was sold to community members at a discount that made the price of the produce around the cost it is in Winnipeg.

While there were a few challenges the community made the market possible and greatly contributed to the success of the market. One of the many highlights was when a young child held up a head of broccoli and said “This is my favourite!”

A big thank you to Neechi Commons for ordering the produce, organizing the shipment to Shamattawa, and sharing their knowledge of food markets. Another thank you going out to Perimeter for the speedy delivery of the produce.

The market could not have taken place without the tremendous support of the community. The school provided transportation, storage, muscle, and helped spread the message of the market. Thanks to the nursing station for housing FMM and to the health department for hosting the market. An additional thank you to the band and Chief for supporting the first market and future markets.

Finally, a thank you to all the community members who came to the market, provided feedback, ideas for the next market, and to those who have continued to show their support, positive feelings, and excitement of working together to make this a continuing event.

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