Winnipeg newcomers reap benefits of North End garden

Metro Winnipeg | September 2, 2016

By Matt Kieltyka

Sita Gurung moved to Winnipeg from Bhutan five years ago. She's been growing fresh food for her family in the Garden of Nations and would like to see more community gardens in the city.

A quaint community garden in Winnipeg’s north end has blossomed into an oasis for newcomers to the city.

Since opening in May, the “Garden of Nations” has been a source of fresh, healthy food and companionship for 15 families still adjusting to life in Canada.

“It’s a really tough journey for a lot of people,” said Amy Henderson, newcomer program co-ordinator at Food Matters Manitoba. “When they get here they think their troubles are over, but there’s still a lot of adjusting and they have to learn a new language. The support is there at first, but then it dries up after a while and it can be really stressful and hard to afford healthy food.”

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