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Project: Traditional Food

Without fail, brothers Josh and Caiden showed up weekly to all six cooking classes held Tuesday afternoons at Aberdeen Boys and Girls Club over their summer vacation. Despite being pretty “selective” eaters, the boys worked hard in the kitchen and were happy to help out with any task, even chopping onions, which they informed us early on was their least favorite food. And though they didn’t always love what we made, after putting in all that work they were always brave enough to give new foods a try – and happy to bring some home to share with mom!


Instructor Charlie shows Caiden how to set up his fishing rod.

What better way to celebrate a great summer of cooking and food adventures than sitting on the banks of the Red River on a sunny afternoon, trying to catch dinner? And for the final Tuesday of cooking class, that’s exactly what we did. Heading out to Selkirk, Josh and Caiden were super excited to try fishing for the very first time. It was impressive to see their patience as they waited by their rods for any sign of a bite. Sadly, the only person to catch anything was our instructor, Charlie Killeen of the University of Manitoba Angling club, who reeled in a small channel catfish. Everyone was excited to check out the catfish before he got released back into the river.


Caiden tosses the walleye in flour to prep it for frying.


Luckily, we came prepared with some back up fish to cook for a shore lunch in case nothing was caught. After an hour or so of casting into the river with little success, we gathered in the picnic shelter to fry some walleye fillets from Northern Manitoba, purchased at Neechi Commons. Neither Josh nor Caiden had tasted fish before, but just like in cooking class, they were brave and willing to try a bite. Unlike in cooking class, we were thrilled to find out that they both loved it! And this time, there were no leftover to take home to mom.

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