Providing better nutrition for newcomers

Winnipeg Free Press | September 6, 2016

By Ligia Braidotti

Point Douglas Councillor Mike Pagtakhan, Food Matters Manitoba Board Chair Angela Chotka, Food Matters Executive Director Loraine Nyokong and Food Matters Newcomer Program Coordinator Amy Henderson in front of the North End Garden.

Many things change when a person moves to another place, especially to another country. Food Matters Manitoba is addressing an important habit that impacts newcomers’ health: nutrition.

On Aug. 30, the North Centennial Recreation Centre (90 Sinclair St.) hosted the inauguration of the North End Garden, built to help new Canadians maintain their dietary habits.

“Many (newcomers) were telling us how they are having a difficult time maintaining their healthy, traditional diets here in Canada. Lots of foods are not available, or they are too expensive or they are not so fresh,” Amy Henderson, Food Matters Manitoba’s newcomer program co-ordinator, said.

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