The Summer Edition of the Northern Sun

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Elder Annie Spence (photo credit Asfia Gulrukh)

Photo by Asfia Gulrukh

The Summer Edition of the Northern Sun is here! This edition tells the story of Annie Spence, an inspiring elder from O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation who celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this spring. Annie is a wise, strong and happy spirit motivating many in the community to move forward. Elder Annie likes to knit, garden and camp. She loves eating white fish and drinking mint tea. Annie is an active member of the Ithinto Mechisowin (Food from the Land) Program. She always asks others to eat traditional food so that they can be healthy. She is usually one of the first people from the community out on the land in the spring, and one of the last to return in the fall. Annie and other Elders like her remind the community of O-Pipon-Na-Piwin of how, before the Churchill River Diversion disaster, celebrating health and long life was a usual thing in the community.

Find out more about Annie and other great events and gardening tips by reading this edition of the Northern Sun.

Do you have a northern story, recipe or a lesson learned in your work that you’d like to share? We’ll be writing the next edition soon and we’d love to hear from you! Please send your ideas to

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