New study finds 120,000 Winnipeggers are food insecure

Metro Winnipeg | June 22, 2016

By Stephanie Taylor

Research associate at the University of Winnipeg's Urban Studies Institute Kyle Wiebe says to accurately portray food insecurity in Winnipeg, policy makers have to address the problem of residents who live close healthy food, but cannot afford to buy it.

A new study released at the University of Winnipeg reveals more than 120,000 residents live without proper access to food in our city.

That lack of access does not only refer to physical distance from healthy food, research associate Kyle Wiebe explained during a media conference Wednesday.

Rather, he said it includes people who live near grocery stores, but due to poverty cannot afford to purchase the nutritious food inside.

Wiebe was one of a team of four at the university’s institute of urban studies department that examined this phenomenon, known as a food mirage, in a new study called, ‘Confronting the Illusion: Developing a Method to Identify Food Mirages and Food Deserts in Winnipeg.’

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