Winnipeg Food Deserts

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A food desert is a geographic area where affordable and nutritious food is difficult to obtain, particularly for those without access to an automobile. So what does this look like in Winnipeg?

Do you live near a grocery store? If you don’t have a car, lugging a weeks worth of groceries is not a small task. Having access to a walk-able grocery store is an important aspect of being able to get good food.

Can you easily get to the grocery store? If you can’t walk to a close by grocery store, are there adequate transportation options available? Taking multiple buses or having to shell out for an expensive cab ride are realities that many Winnpeggers face.

Is the food that is sold healthy? Are there fresh veggies available or are the shelves mostly stocked with highly processed foods?

Are the prices affordable? So you’ve made it to the grocery store and found all the ingredients you need for a healthy meal, but can you afford it? Too many Winnipeg residents are having to make difficult choices between food and paying the bills.

So what does food access look like in Winnipeg’s diverse neighbourhoods? Check out our findings in these Community Food Assessments:

NE CFAst vital CFA downtown CFA inkster CFA


Also, check out these recent stories on Winnipeg’s food deserts in the media:

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