Hunting: More than a pastime

Project: Traditional Food

How do you connect with your food?

For some, it’s caring for and harvesting veggies from the garden in the backyard. For others is learning to master the perfect recipe. For Jarod, learning about hunting has brought him closer to good food.

Jarod is passionate about food. He has been a regular participant in our weekly cooking classes at Wayfinders for over a year and is also enthusiastic about learning. He’s always been eager to get involved and anxiously awaiting us when we get there to start cooking.

Celebrating hunting in Manitoba

On September 26th 2015, Food Matters Manitoba had the pleasure of participating in Provincial Hunting Day at the Winnipeg Trap and Skeet Club. Provincial Hunting Day was officially proclaimed in 2009, to celebrate the province’s hunting heritage. Put on by Manitoba Wildlife Federation, it was a fun-filled and informative day of “how to” hunting demonstrations and seminars, shooting stations, and informative displays on conservation, hunter education and provincial hunting regulations. The event was free to the public, and drew in several hundred visitors. The day included some local live musicians, duck calling competitions and game cleaning demos, to name a few.

AnnaWe were invited to provide a cooking demo to share the delicious way we have learned to prepare wild goose in fajitas (see the recipe below). Jarod came along to help us out. Last fall we brought in hunters to teach about goose and duck hunting and learned how to process and cook a bird. Jarod jumped right in and since then has been asking our staff lots of questions, meeting conservation officers and other opportunities to go hunting. He was an enthusiastic participant in our summer program, where he was thrilled to get his very own fishing license, and again jumped right in when opportunities arose to try filleting fish or carving up geese. So, when the opportunity for youth to attend provincial hunting day came, we immediately called Wayfinders and asked if they could tell Jarod; this would be his time to meet hunters and show off his cooking class skills!

Taking pride in cooking skills

JarodThe demo was a huge success and Jarod was very confident cooking on stage in front of almost 150 people – the crowd really loved him! He was excited to have the opportunity to learn more about hunting in the province and even got to try shooting a shotgun for the very first time. He also got to connect with the awesome folks at Manitoba Wildlife Federation who provide training for youth (and adults) like Jarod who don’t already have someone in their life who can teach them about hunting. Jarod is keen to participate in one of their mentored hunts and begin harvesting his own food soon!

Wild Goose Fajitas

Check out our easy Goose Fajitas recipe (and make your own flour tortillas and fresh salsa if you’re feeling ambitious!).


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