Get Fresh with Local Manitoba Food

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What will it take to get more fresh, local food on Manitoba menus?

Despite the challenges, there are more and more distributors, chefs and stores realizing the importance of sourcing locally. Whether for quality, freshness, or just to try a specialty product like Birch syrup, chefs and store owners wanted the opportunity to meet more local producers. And a diversity of producers of beer, sauces, cheese and meat were there to showcase the great local products they have to offer.

That is why, on November 2nd, Get Fresh 2 was held at the Viscount Gort Hotel Hotel in Winnipeg. Similar to the one held this spring, Get Fresh 2 was a networking opportunity between local food producers and processors with local food buyers and chefs from Manitoba. Nearly 50 people attended, with food buyers from ERA Bistro, Jardins St-Leon Gardens, the Four Points Hotel and the Frenchway Bakery.  ERA Bistro had their eyes set on the delicious produce from J. Berard Garden, Thermea Spa connected with Rawnata to hear about their line of gluten-free snacks, and the Fairmont Hotel was curious to learn more about local meat sourced from Spring Creek Farms.

Interested in how local food procurement can work? Check out this case study of Diversity Foods.

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