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A few weeks ago, Sustainable South Osborne Coop finished up an expansion to the South Osborne Community Orchard, and this called for a party. Volunteers, neighbors, kids and partners gathered at the People Garden behind the Riverview Community Centre, to celebrate all the hard work they had done.

The garden party was nothing short of merry. There was a yoga class beneath the Oak trees, arts and crafts amongst the flowers, walking tours, an afternoon feast and a bluegrass band that played to the beat of a warm summer breeze. The afternoon was catered by local restaurant, Chew and everything they used to make the meal came from the People Garden.

The Garden was filled to the brim with fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers. There were blueberry and raspberry shrubs and green grapes over flowing on the fence. There were bunches of green onions, and mounds of leeks. The green house was full of tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers and even hot peppers. It’s hard to list every single type of plant they had growing in the garden but it was inspiring to see how much you can really grow here in Manitoba.

The steward of the People Garden, Evan, took us for a tour around the garden and updated us on the benefits it has had on the community and what they are hoping for in the future for the community orchard. And he explained how they run the gardens. All of the gardens follow the principles of “permaculture”, which is a gardening approach that relies on nature and less on work. The gardens are pesticide and herbicide free, and do not use any chemical fertilizers. The maintenance like weeding and watering is also done on a volunteer basis. In return for committing their time to the gardens, participants and the stewards get a share in the harvest! The rest of the produce is sold to Sustainable South Osborne, or given to different social agencies here in Winnipeg.

The community orchard is located minutes away from the People Garden, and it is huge. They recently expanded it, and you can tell the community members put a lot of their hard work and time into it. There were apples, apples and more apples. It was great to see so much food growing in the orchard, and what it could do for many people in the community.

SSOC has been working on some amazing good food projects, and it is great to be working with and supporting them.

Take a look at some of the pictures we snapped at the garden party!


Photo Credit: Rhianna Saj

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