Stocking Up on Good Food in Lac Brochet

Project: Check-in with FMM

Our Spring 2015 edition of the Northern Sun is here! The new edition highlights the good food work happening in Lac Brochet because of their community freezer.

For the last four years, Lac Brochet has had community freezers stocked to the brim with good food. Filled with fish, berries, geese, duck and caribou, these are the types of food that make it possible for people to stay connected to their traditional diet.

The food is used to support all kinds of programming from cooking classes to community cook outs, culture camps and helping those in need. Curious how Lac Brochet organizes and harvests for their community freezers? Read the newest issue of Northern Sun.

Do you have a story, recipe or a lesson learned in your work that you’d like to share? We are starting to work on the next edition soon and we’d love to hear from you. Send your ideas to¬†

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