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This past May, La Ronge, Saskatchewan continued their annual tradition of passing on indigenous knowledge and food skills to the younger generation by hosting the 5th Annual Jimmy Roberts Memorial Culture Camp. The event celebrates Jimmy Roberts, one who shared his knowledge from living in the north with his students and members of his community.

The three-day event give community members a chance to visit the many stations run by the local elders to learn from and participate in hands-on workshops. It was rewarding to see the students engaged and joining the elders on the traditional activities.

Everyone had the opportunity to learn about beading, fish filleting, trapping, animals calling and fur frame making. There were also lessons on local furs, the local history, traditional teas and medicine and traditional sports. The elders provided a hands-on learning experience for the students.

“We finished off the event with a feast. There was fried Moose and Caribou, Goose soup, Deer soup, Trout, Bannock, wild blueberries and handful of different vegetables.” Says Michelle Biden from Churchill Community High School. Culture

The Elders Helper Program and Set up Crew Program allowed for students to participate in a more involved way by helping to run the camp, and see the outcome of their hard work!

The culture camp is a great way to celebrate the importance of traditions and encouraging youth to embrace and preserve their cultural traditions!

La Ronge is one of four sites of Food Matters Manitoba’s Our Food Our Health Our Culture program which works to increase knowledge and consumption of traditional foods in indigenous communities.

Here are some  shots of the students and community members experiencing the culture camp hands-on!

Photo Credit : Riese

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