One Giant Thank You

Garden Centre Donation(crop)
Project: Growing & Producing

It would really be impossible to do the work that we do without the help of amazing community organizations and businesses alike that stand behind the principles of supporting farmers, families, northerners, and newcomers to harvest, prepare, and share good food. We wanted to take an opportunity to send out a huge thank you to one of those local businesses here on our blog.

An Irresistible Offer

This July while on the search for seed potatoes and onion sets for our northern program work, a very generous garden center made an offer we could just not refuse.  The deal was we come load up our truck with tons and tons of ready-to-plant vegetables and then just make sure they get to as many good homes as possible.  Well we like gardens, we like healthy food, and we love our community so we gratefully accepted.

On cloudy Sunday afternoon the staff from the office drove their truck over to Good Turf Garden Center on Main where the friendly and obviously very generous staff emptied their greenhouse into the bed of the truck. Dealing with their operation while sourcing materials for our programs was a pleasure, they even called around to several competitors to help us find a huge order of onion sets they couldn’t fill! Meeting them in person and hearing their excitement about sharing the plants with the community was great to see.

Sharing with Community Partners

After three loads of plants had been packed into our truck and then later pilled into our boardroom here at 640 Broadway, Food Matters was ready to contact the community and find some dirt for these prospective food sources. Well, finding people willing to take plants was no chore. We called several local garden coordinators and set Monday morning as the pick-up. One by one the West Broadway Renewal Corporation, The Spence Neighborhood Society, The Elmwood Community Resource Centre, The University of Winnipeg Students Association and the Rainbow Garden at the University of Manitoba came by to pick! After a little chat, we were able to give them more trays of plants than they could carry, all for use as they see fit. Some plants will be distributed to community members with garden plots in the area and some were planted in plots managed by the centers where they will nurture them until they are ripe for the picking by people in the neighborhood. Business and community coming together to help provide for people is not rare in our great city and we are always grateful when we get to be a part.

Thanks again to the Good Turf Garden Centre and all the participating community outlets and keep your eyes pealed for gardens filled with generosity!

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