Homemade Ravioli Takes the Win at Localvore Iron Chef Cook-Off IV

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Food Matters Manitoba’s fourth annual Localvore Iron Chef Cook-Off, Manitoba’s only local food cooking competition for high school and post-secondary students, took place last week at Winnipeg Technical College.

Fourteen teams from 10 schools competed in four tiers based on culinary abilities. It was a heated competition, but in our minds, all of the teams were winners! Students went out of their way to source local ingredients and get creative with their dishes. Congratulations to all participating teams!


Tier 1: Culinary Arts + Commercial Cooking

1st Place: “The Omnivores” from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre with Rolled Berkshire Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Vegetables, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Manitoba Sausage and Horseradish Foam.

2nd Place: “The Vesper Stingers” from Tec-Voc with Manitoba Seared Honey and Spice Arctic Char served with Fresh Herbed Linguine and Pepper Salsa.

3rd Place: “The Royal Culinary Blues” from Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School with Goat Cheese and Mushroom Stuffed Prairie Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Wine Sauce and Mixed Vegetables.

 Tier 2: Home Economics + Food and Nutrition

1st Place: “Gilbert’s Country Kitchen” from Gilbert Plains Collegiate with Old Fashioned Ravioli.

2nd Place: “Sisler Squashers” from Sisler High School with “Squashed” Gnocchi with Bacon-seared Broccoli.

3rd Place: “The Buckeye Pastanaters” from Miles MacDonnell Collegiate with Pasta Crescents Stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese served with Three Zesty Dipping Sauces and complemented with a Citrus Slaw.

4th Place: “Baldy’s Bistro” from William Morton Collegiate Institute with Get In My Belly!


Tier 3: Aspiring Chefs

1st Place: “Homegrown Cooks” from The Learning Centre with Pan-seared Pickerel with Garlic & Nanking Cherry Cream Sauce over Garden Vegetable-infused Wild Rice, accompanied by Beets with Basil Mojo.

2nd Place: “The Chicken Chefs” from FortWhyte Farms with FortWhyte Farms’ Butter Chicken.

3rd Place: “Rice Quaks” from Elmwood High School with DMJC Noodles.

4th Place: “Giants Chef” from Elmwood High School with Lasagne with Veggie Noodles and Side Salad.

Tier 4: Post-Secondary Culinary Arts

1st Place: “The Fleurettes” from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre with Pan-seared Arctic Char, with Smoked Mashed Potatoes and Manitoba Salad.

2nd Place: “The Flaming Four” from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre with Herb Crusted Elk Tenderloin.

3rd Place: “Got Beef?” from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre with Beef Wellington, Celery Root Puree.

Thank you to our generous sponsors, the Canadian Culinary Federation, VitaHealth, and Natural Healing Veterinary Care, as well as our gracious host, Winnipeg Technical College!

Visit www.diginmanitoba.ca/recipes in the coming weeks for all the delicious Localvore recipes!

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