Food Mapping Workshop Findings

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Project: Check-in with FMM

In August and September 2013, we organized a series of Food Mapping Workshops in Winnipeg’s North End site. Thegoal of the Workshops was to get the community talking about food access – where they get their food; what kind of food they buy and/or want to buy; and what barriers are currently preventing them from accessing the food they want. It was also a chance to learn which stores are used most/enjoyed most by the community. These findings are currently informing which stores are approached (and how) for participation in the North End Healthy Food Stores project, as part of Our Food Our Health Our Culture in the North End Winnipeg site. The North End Healthy Food Stores project will work to increase access to healthy foods for people in the North End through existing store infrastructure, providing new economic opportunities for store-owners and supporting healthy communities.

Click here to find out what people talked about in the workshops: Food Mapping Results

We’ve also put together a tool-kit to assist future groups to be able to organize Food Mapping workshops in their own communities: Food Mapping tool-kit

Contact Lissie, North End Coordinator for any questions or further advice on how to organize and plan for your own Food Mapping workshop.

For more information and background on the North End Healthy Food project, read our brief: Healthy Food Stores in North End Winnipeg

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