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    Reconnecting: To land and community

    Tika sees the gardens as an avenue for newcomers to gather, meet and discuss their everyday experiences. It can be challenging to find the time to stay in touch with friends, but at the gardens there is an opportunity to reconnect not only with growing food on the land but more importantly, to reconnect with each other.

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    Caring for a community by serving good food

    For Helena, providing warm and nutritious meals for other women seeking safe space, like she once had, is fulfilling work. “Offering a meal can be a turning point in someone’s life,” she explained, “it was in mine.”

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    Learning Together on the Land

    “I am forever proud to be Indigenous, proud of the things we learn and are taught, and proud of the fish we caught.”

  • posterCarol and Amanda at the Muskgege book launch

    Muskgege, Carol’s Traditional Medicines

    Carol’s first book, titled Muskgege (Cree for medicine), complete with beautiful illustrations, shares her knowledge of harvesting and processing medicines found in Northern Manitoba. Muskgege is written in a way so that readers of all ages and backgrounds can pick up it up and start identifying the medicinal plants around them.

  • posterLaughing and learning through mistakes

    The powerful way food unites, celebrates and welcomes newcomers

    In meeting and gathering to learn about nutrition and food in Canada, this group has demonstrated how food unites us all, despite differences and backgrounds.