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    Members appointed to Winnipeg’s first ever food council

    On Wednesday, June 21st, Winnipeg City Council appointed ten members to the Winnipeg Food Council.

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    Let’s Grow!

    Help keep community gardens green this summer by donating today!

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    First ever Community Tables in Northern Manitoba serves up learning and laughs

    Many of the people that joined the session had experience working in community programs. They connected over common experiences and by the end of the three days joyful bursts of laughter were common.

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    A sweet breakfast treat: make your own manoomin granola

    Last month we shared a story about making wild rice granola, click here to try out the recipe!

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    Kids cooking classes kick off

    Spring sessions of youth cooking classes have started. We are partnering with after school programs to teach kids how to cook healthy snacks and meals that incorporate cultural foods.