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    Vote for the Growing Roots: Newcomer Greenhouse

    Newcomers to Canada deserve good food too! Check out our project page to learn more about our plans to extend the growing seasons, so newcomers can grow the fresh food they love.

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    The Fire Within: Stories from the 2016 Youth Gathering

    “This was like a dream… doing all these stuff with all these people”, said Aurora as she made her fire on the beach after watching the sunset. Youth make friends, learn new skills and find common ground at the 2016 Youth Gathering.

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    Help build a healthier Manitoba!

    Just like you, we believe that everyone deserves to have good food. But not all Manitobans are getting the good food they need.

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    Food Matters Manitoba

    At Food Matters Manitoba we believe that everyone needs good food to grow strong, be healthy and feel happy. Learn more…