• posterWFC logo

    Winnipeg Food Council to develop a Winnipeg food strategy

    The Winnipeg Food Council met on June 5th to get moving on its annual work plan. The council aims to develop an overarching Winnipeg Food Strategy in the year to come.

  • posterOwen teaching

    Cooking up confidence in the kitchen

    The class has learned not only how to be safe in the kitchen and around knives, or cooking skills, most importantly, they’ve learned both how to be confident in the kitchen and in their skills

  • posterRonnie McKay, Chloe, Kerry & Hannah in the blind

    Kisipanakak Goose Camp: An opportunity for youth to learn and practice traditional skills

    Late April is geese hunting season in Pimicikamak/Cross Lake and every year at this time, Kerry Muswagon takes a group of 15-20 students from D.R. Hamilton School on the land.

  • posterCooking

    Learning to navigate a new food system

    Every Monday for the past two months, Food Matters Manitoba has been running its Newcomer Nutrition Program with a group of Arabic newcomer families.

  • posterADI Community Tables

    Collaborating and problem solving at Community Tables

    Whether they were creating together in the kitchen or commiserating about the shared challenge of diabetes awareness, you could feel the connections in the room strengthening. And that’s what Community Tables is all about. Because serving up good food for our communities isn’t always easy, but the more we can support each other, the more we can achieve.